These renders show what the upcoming 2023+ Toyota Grand Highlander (extended wheelbase model) could look like in different colors.
Let's take a look at the first renderings of the new Toyota Grand Highlander 2023 or 2024 model year full-size 8-seater SUV.

Toyota Highlander is getting bigger and bigger with every generation - each time 3 or 4 extra inches longer. But anyway, most often, even the new Highlander 2022 is still considered as a mid-size SUV, despite it could be even with 8-seats.

For 2023 it is expected that Toyota will present an extended version of Highlander. They already registered a new trademark - Grand Highlander. There is no official information yet, but we think Grand model will gain a longer wheelbase and more room for 3rd row. Both 8 or 7-seater option will be available as before.

And something tells us, that the upcoming 8-seater Lexus TX could underpin the Grand Highlander, not regular Highlander model.

As for the exterior, we don't have any spy-shots or teasers yet, but taking a look at recent Toyota models and concepts, we have illustrated the new Grand Highlander in our renderings. Please let us know if you like them.

0:00 Intro
0:12 Highlander evolution
0:42 Grand Highlander interior
1:24 Exterior
1:35 Grand Highlander vs Highlander
1:42 Colors