Journalists are in Hawaii driving the Toyota Grand Highlander for the first time.

Here's an early take before the embargo gets lifted on the 30th.

"Welcome to beautiful Hawaii! This is our first-time ever in this state and the scenery is breathtaking! @toyotausa flew us out here to finally get behind the wheel of the supersized #Highlander, the 2024 #GrandHighlander! This is a new model that is NOT replacing the smaller Highlander and it has the potential to literally double total Highlander sales. The powertrain options mirror that of the current Lexus RX, which means the base engine is a 2.4L turbo gas 4-cylinder, while the Hybrid and Hybrid MAX are the electrified fuel-efficient options, with up to 362 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque on the MAX. This Ruby Flare Platinum grade represents the top of the line and you can get it with Turbo or Hybrid MAX engine under the hood. Our full review with pricing, specs, and driving impressions will post on 5/30 at 5:30pm EST. You can expect this vehicle to show up on dealer lots in July."
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