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Toyota Grand Highlander Prototype Caught Testing, Revealing Its Size

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Following Toyota's released teaser image for the Grand Highlander, the prototype has been spotted testing again at a Toyota Tech Center in Michigan.

We can now clearly see that the Grand Highlander will be a sizable beast, adding meaningful length to the existing Highlander for more passenger space, a much more comfortable third row, and ample cargo space to do battle with the Honda Pilot and the Jeep Grand Cherokee L. It should slot between the Highlander and Sequoia in the model hierarchy, but this prototype looks like a real match for the space provided by the truck-based Sequoia.

Lexus Version On The Way
This big crossover is also expected to spawn a Lexus variant, reportedly dubbed the TX. While it is possible that this prototype represents Lexus’ new crossover under all of that camo, we believe that the design details that can be discerned are more consistent with Toyota than with a Lexus model. The grille details that can be seen through the camouflage don’t show signs of Lexus’ spindle grille treatment. Instead, we see more traditional Toyota overtones, with hints of front bumper sculpting closer to the current Highlander. The wheel arches on this prototype are also reminiscent of the Highlander, suggesting unique styling that still maintains a familial look with its little brother.

New Exhaust Configuration, New Engine or Improved Packaging For Better Third Row?
Dual exhaust tips are found at the outer edges of the rear bumper. It’s a different configuration than what’s found on the current Highlander. Perhaps the Grand Highlander’s larger footprint will bring a more powerful engine option. However, it is possible that the wide-set exhaust setup on this prototype was designed to make more room for packaging the third-row seating, to make the most use of the new model’s larger rear cargo bay.

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